Version 2.6

Play your video faster or slower. Play at 0.5X to 2.0X

  • Designed for iOS7, supports iPhone 8/8+/X resolutions and all iPad resolutions
  • Play video from Documents, Photo Album, iTunes Library and web
  • Playback speed, A-B repeat, Bookmarks, Pinch Zoom, Mirror mode(flip horizontally), EQ
  • supports SMI/SRT subtitles
  • Supports background play, remote controls, TV-out, AirPlay
  • Protect folders with password
  • Supports playlists, repeat mode, shuffle
  • Configurable gestures
Available on the iPhone AppStore

Requirements: iPhone with iOS8+
iPad with iOS8+

Change playback speed with slider

Supports multitasking and remote controller

User configurable gestures! Seek, next track, bookmark, speed...

Best app I've ever used Excellent video player that I use on average 4 hours a day. The multitouch gestures are excellent(though some like the three fingered tap are a little easily misinterpreted). Actually for the most part better than vlc player on my pc, which is really saying something. Great for watching school lectures without getting distracted by other things on the computer. This app is really making my time in medical school much more productive. Only gripe is that I wish you could increase the speed up to 3x, as some lecturers really are just that slow. Thanks again for making such an amazing app. I'd recommend it to anyone.

- nokiii456 on 11/05/13

THE MOST EPIC VIDEO APP EVER!!!!!! I've been looking for an app like this for a very long time! Not sure why apple didn't do this as a default app to begin with, but whatever... So many features for the price is WELL worth the money! A+ in my book! Keep up the good work!

- Snakewynd on 10/14/13

Best app I've used in my life Are you in college? You need this app. Download all your course material, then watch it double speed on the go. This means you can speed up all the slow dry lectures and get to the core of every subject easily. The semester after I downloaded this app I went from a 3.55 to a 4.0 yes perfect As in every subject. Plus I can control it with a Bluetooth headset for true portability - and pause play using the headset without accessing my device. PLUS you can listen to videos with the screen off to save battery and prevent seeking whilst your device is in your pocket. GET THIS APP!!!!! I have tried many music apps and finally I found the best. Awesome !!!!!

- Ujjay on on 09/04/13

Awesome app - couldn't live without it It saves so much time, watching training videos at 1.5x or 2x speed. This app works beautifully - I love the feature to zoom in with a pinch gesture; also the great timeline controls. Highly recommended!

- EricBobrow on on 08/29/13

The Best App In The World This is the best iPad app ever written. I'm not joking. If you like to load videos onto your iPad and watch them, this app has every feature you ever wanted, at an unbelievable price. The gesture interface is perfect. It's also extremely stable. It could perhaps support more codecs, but my video library is all .mp4 / .m4v, and they all play great.

- Craig8128 on on 08/23/13
More features will be available soon.

App Screenshots

SpeedUpTV 2.4.6

Released on 08/07/15
  • photo album can now be sorted.
  • photo album load time optimized.
  • mark as played/mark as not plaed. Available from tap-hold gesture from list.
  • better tap hold gesture popup title while in edit mode.
  • support link in clipboard.
  • play index is preserved when deleting files from Documents.

SpeedUpTV 2.4.5

Released on 23/06/15
  • can change left menu background from Option-Menu Background.
  • bug fixes

SpeedUpTV 2.4.4

Released on 07/04/15
  • crash bug fixes

SpeedUpTV 2.4.3

Released on 22/03/15
  • fix issues not remembering last documents position and video
  • fix landscape video size issues on iPad.

SpeedUpTV 2.4.2

Released on 07/02/15
  • rotation bug fix
  • misc bug fixes.

SpeedUpTV 2.4.1

Released on 07/01/15
  • In edit mode, reset played state is available from tap-hold context menu

SpeedUpTV 2.4.0

Released on 25/11/14
  • "Reset Played Stated" added to tap-hold popup menu
  • Choose audio stream if there is multiple audio streams.

SpeedUpTV 2.3.0

Released on 22/09/14
  • iOS8 support.
  • support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus resolutions.

SpeedUpTV 2.2.0

Released on 27/06/14
  • 64 bit architecture support added
  • Option - "Saved Time" can be shared on Facebook, Twitter
  • startup time optimization.
  • better pan gestures.
  • checks clipboard on launch to play video from URL (can be disabled from option)

SpeedUpTV 2.1.0

Released on 01/12/13
  • search from Documents, iTunes Library, Camera Roll
  • show time saved while playing faster (available in Option)
  • named bookmarks: you can name your bookmarks by tap-holding on it.
  • retain speed now saves playing speed between sessions.
  • While in edit mode, you can select multiple videos and use "add to..." function. (tap "add to..." button or tap-hold on item will show menu)

SpeedUpTV 2.0.0

Released on 11/07/13
  • redesigned for iOS7
  • added playlist support
  • added equalizer
  • added support for multiple speed adjust algorithms

SpeedUpTV 1.0.0

Released on 08/30/10
  • Initial release

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